House of Mar Mar

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Mar Mar is a fashion house but really a home – A home for anyone who wants and needs warmth, love and beautiful colors, to belong.


In the great tradition of Ballroom scene houses from the late 80s in America, who filled the need for LGBTQ people who were homeless or at risk, we are here for anyone who wants to celebrate diversity, uniqueness and beauty existing in everything and everyone.


We create clothing and accessories fitting everybody, with no consideration of size, figure, gender or any other archaic category – It's weird we even have to say it – Beauty comes in endless shapes, sizes or colors and it's time the fashion world will adjust itself for real people with big dreams!


Our mission is to help you find something amazing to wear. As we like to say it – everything is beautiful, as long as we designed it!

We specialize in larger than life couture for shows and events, but also fierce collections of swimwear, bags, and every item needed to make your day dazzling.


Both our products and our staff are here to spread our moto to the world – Beauty has NO RULES!


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