Tequila Coaster

Drag Queen and MarMar Presentor

My fabulous drag career started when I bought my first pair of heels with my mom when we were in San Francisco, CA. I tried them on and as he sales person said take a spin I pranced around the shop and fell flat on my face. Everyone in the store snickered but instead of staying down I got up with a fire in me! Without a backwards glance, I continued my walk through the store and all the snickering were replaced with awed looks and excitement.
At the end of the store I twirled at least as well as Tyra Banks, wend back to the sales person with a fierce queen attitude (even though I'm sure I looked like a scared puppy) and told him: "I'll take two"

My drag style is a mix of showgirl, Broadway, old school plus a 100% cunt. I am inspired by various worlds like opera, theater, art, crafts, comedy, anime, Disney and more. One thing for sure – I cannot work on an empty stomach

My Motto: Just be kind, you shady cunt

MARMAR for me is this huge cluster of talent and passion with no filters. She has enormous knowledge in fabrics, structuring for any kind of body shape, and endless ideas. She is hard working, loves and enjoys her creative process.