Maor Hoyman

Social and Content director

I love to write and process content. Much like every other craft, content making is done best when I am part of its source – the house of MARMAR. I take all of MARMAR and the other house members' great ideas and make them accessible for everyone.

My thinking process is highly associative, I think fast and every word can throw me into different directions. I collect all of the initial thoughts and ideas and directions we all have and try to make them as approachable as possible. We are for you, and for that we want you to understand, relate and connect to us as much as you can.

My connection with MARMAR is very natural and is all about freedom and joy. I feel her life's work is to create a social environment without judgment, hierarchy or boring definitions of gender or size. Anything goes, everything is possible and beauty is everywhere. There are so many depressing, narrowing and diminishing things in the world so I chose to be a part of a family that nurture the positive empowering and loving parts of me.